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The 'EK Discovery' Video Library

‘2021 Is The Year Of Discovery

EK Discovery is a series of webinars hosted by EK Coaching.

The sessions are led by your coach, Elena Katsandreas, who is joined by professionals, experts in their fields, who will be helping you to ‘discover’ new ways of thinking, new ways of doing things and inspiring you to make your 2021 great!

This is not just about ‘learning’. This is about ‘discovering’ how to do things that provoke long lasting change. You’ll get so much more than you’ll find on Google!


This library allows you access to the recordings if you can't make it on the day, so you don't miss out!

What are you waiting for? Make 2021 your year of Discovery with EK.

'Resilience in Modern Times' - March 2021

Resilience isn’t about surviving the worst day of your life. It’s about thriving every day of your life.

Want to build bullet proof resilience?

Want to learn how to adapt better to challenge and change?

Want to ‘bounce back’ quicker?

Then this is the video for you!

Your coach, Elena Katsandreas, will help you to ‘discover’ how to build bullet proof resilience and coping mechanisms so you thrive every day!

This video has been deleted.
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