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Sabrina Assis,

 Professional Translator & Interpreter

"I have been working with Elena for some months now. She is a tremendous coach who really listens to what you have to say. I am particularly impressed by Elena’s ability to make the most pertinent suggestions and comments that trigger reflection and help you move forward. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to make the most of their career. "

Mike Hall,

 Financial Services Contractor

“One of the most important things you should expect of a coach or mentor is that they have your back. Elena is someone who will motivate and support you when you need it most. You’ll find her calm, patient, fun to work with and above all insightful. You can’t ask for more than that when working together with someone.”

Jen Morris, 

Colleague & Capability Consultant

" Elena is quite simply the best boss & mentor I have had in my professional & personal life.

I was lucky enough to have Elena as my line manager for a number of years and Elena quickly became a mentor who I will always be grateful for.

Elena has a very natural leadership style & encourages individuals to recognise & release their potential. She certainly did with me. It is because of Elena's advice & mentorship that I have had the opportunities I have had in my professional life.

Elena coached me to step out of my comfort zone & try new things, a phrase I often recall Elena using was " see, you said you couldn't, and you just did". She is open & very honest in the interests of others.

I will always be grateful for Elena's unique & motivating leadership qualities. I owe my career to this

lady "

Company Director,

I knew Elena was already a good listener which I presume comes from her genuine care for others, and this is apparent during her book club where she asks the right questions to probe discussion and thought and I feel she gets the perfect balance between managing the discussion but not dominating.


My scepticism from coaches I’ve known over the years is that they don’t have the credentials and success for me to want to be coached by them. However of the hundreds of people I have worked with over the years, Elena is one of the most driven and successful. I don’t recall anyone getting promoted faster and more regularly than her. And I know that the various large teams she has managed have performed well. This to me is what I want from a coach, someone who has achieved great things and is able to share their insight.


I’ve read many a time that you should put a percentage of your income aside for self-development but most don’t as they see it as an expense. I think having a coach is one of the best investments you can make, someone outside your immediate circle who assists you in identifying your dreams and goals and then works with you to achieve them. The result of having the right coach is if you want your business to earn more money, it will, if you want a promotion you’ll get one, if you want a better home life you’ll make it happen. It’s not about a coach giving you the answers to everything, it’s about them being experienced enough to ask you the right questions. I can genuinely say as a result of any coaching I’ve had focusing on my business, it has always lead to my income increasing.


Prior to starting my company, I worked for a large organisation which actually were focused on staff development, however the person you were always interacting with was your manager. This of course is normal, but there are limitations to interacting with a manager as your aspirations/problems/challenges could mean it inappropriate for you to discuss with them, which could lead to you not performing to your potential. This is where a coach can come in to play, you have an outlet, someone who is focused on your success 100%.. “

Bruce Kail,

 Former Head of Operations 

" Through Elenas inspirational leadership, coaching & mentoring she transformed poor teams & individuals into good ones and good ones into great ones, time and time again. "

Jamie Thacker,

 Operations Manager 

“Without doubt, Elena has had the biggest influence on my working career. She is very easy to work with, is a great mentor and exceptional leader. Elena instilled so much confidence in me to make a decision, implement change and reap the benefits. Through Elena's methods, support and guidance, this led to me creating a number of high performing teams. I only worked with Elena for 2 to 3 years but gained so much from her. Although our paths have changed direction, I wouldn't hesitate to say yes if the opportunity of working with her again ever came up. Inspirational and I owe so much to her. “

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